It’s hard to believe: this unique girl with a rare syndrome attracts millions.

Despite looking like a grandmother, she became a model.

Meet this absolutely unique young woman who, despite sagging and imperfect skin, managed to become a popular model, attract millions, and break all stereotypes about beauty.

Сара Герц, Сара Герц модель, Сара модель, мотивация, синдром Элерса Данлоса

This is Sara Herz, who unfortunately was born with a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which primarily causes extreme collagen deficiency and in this case makes this 31-year-old woman look old and wrinkled.

Despite her young age, Sara’s skin has lost its elasticity, sagged, and appeared significantly aged. And the unique woman continues to attract millions with her unconventional appearance.

26-летняя девушка превращается в бабушку из-за "бумажной" кожи | Здоровье | Селдон Новости

Herz is completely unashamed of her unique body and currently inspires others to accept themselves as they are and not be ashamed of their imperfections or uniqueness. She has managed to shatter all stereotypes about beauty, proving to the world that models are not only those with stunning looks.

26-летняя модель с редким заболеванием кожи бросает вызов стандартам

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