It hurts so much… “Jase and Missy Robertson from ‘Duck Dynasty’ announce a sad news with tears in their eyes…

Mia Robertson, the youngest daughter of Jase & Missy Robertson from “Duck Dynasty,” was born with a condition called cleft lip and palate, a gap in the upper lip that can also affect the gums.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that about one in 1600 babies in the USA is born with a cleft lip and palate.

Due to her condition, sweet Mia, who is now 18 years old, had to undergo 13 surgeries, with the 14th recently taking place. The family truly hopes that this will be Mia’s last procedure before her issue is permanently resolved.

Throughout each operation, the young girl remains positive. Most importantly, she hopes to be an inspiration to other children born with the same condition. Taking the initiative with the help of her family, Mia founded the Mia Moo Fund to ensure that every child goes through life with a smile.

“One of the purposes of the Mia Moo Fund is to raise awareness for the journey with cleft lip and palate,” said Missy Robertson to the Christian Post. “The other is to assist with medical needs for the parents and families here in America.”

In his podcast “Unashamed,” Jase Robertson gave an update on Mia’s health, saying that his daughter is recovering well. “She’s doing great. She’s turned a corner,” he said, adding, “Everything seems to be great.”

“The surgery took a little longer than expected, but she’s home and recovering,” the loving father told his podcast listeners. “Thank you for praying for her and our family. She’s a fighter!”

Before the surgery took place, Missy talked about her daughter’s condition and explained that she was constantly asked about the number of future procedures for Mia. “There’s never any other answer than ‘We just don’t know,'” Missy said. She added that they rely on God for help. “Now that she’s 18, she’s taking the lead on all discussions and medical forms. It’s been a little strange,” Missy wrote. “But it’s just another reminder to lean on the Lord and that I’m not in control.”

Mia also hopes that she is “at the finish line.”

“Hopefully the last time I see my doctors in this environment! It’s been a long road, but we are at the finish line,” said the brave Mia.

The Robertsons are also preparing for a new addition to the family by opening their hearts and home to a child whose mother was unable to care for them.

We wish Mia a speedy recovery.

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