It has been a tough few years for Simon Cowell, and they have changed his life.

Simon Cowell has experienced multiple health issues as a result of two separate bicycle accidents that occurred over a period of two years.Simon and the other judges of America’s Got Talent openly acknowledged these incidents during their recent appearance on the Today Show. The hosts of the show were Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Terry Crews.The 63-year-old celebrity encountered the same fate while cycling in London in early 2022 after falling off his electric bike in Malibu in 2020.

Simon was asked how these losses had changed his perspective on life in a promotional article for the upcoming 18th season of America’s Got Talent.

When asked how he felt physically before the tragedies, he responded, “I wasn’t in the best shape prior to the mishaps, so they were far from fantastic, more rather quite terrible.” I didn’t truly understand how inadequate it was until the healing process began.


Although the second accident wasn’t as serious as the first, it caused a fracture in his back and he had to wear a wrist brace for several months. After these incidents, Simon changed his lifestyle, particularly for the benefit of his nine-year-old son Eric. Simon’s fiancée, Lauren Silverman, served as motivation.In an interview with The Sun last April, he talked about dealing with the consequences of his electric bike accident.He commented, “I was in such a terrible situation when I fractured my back that I thought about going to therapy for the first time in my life.”

“I felt miserable because I couldn’t express to Eric how I was feeling. I wondered when I would be able to resume activities with him, such as playing soccer and walking.”Eric was born to Simon and Lauren on February 14, 2014. After his bike accidents, the television celebrity mentioned that his son had come up with a new funny nickname.In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Britain’s Got Talent judge acknowledged that he felt “embarrassed” after watching the episodes at home.After surgery, Simon’s back was held together by metal rods and screws, but he was comforted by the fact that his son drew a comparison between him and the well-known superhero Iron Man.Simon recalled proudly, “When I reunited with my family, Eric said, ‘Dad, you look like Iron Man.'” “Yes, indeed, I am like Iron Man,” I smiled.

Since then, Simon has had no trouble laughing at his difficulties and has even downplayed the more serious initial injuries he sustained while working on the AGT stage in June 2021.During a Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration for children, Terry, being curious, asked Simon if he could ever see himself performing such risky acrobatics.Simon joked with the couple, “After injuring my back, I got to the point where I was walking in the garden with Eric, thinking it was a fantastic achievement. However, I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘Maybe not such a great idea!'”Simon’s path of strength and reflection serves as evidence of the unwavering determination that propels him forward.

Despite the challenges posed by bicycle accidents, he maintains his enthusiasm for cycling and life in general, all while finding humor in his misadventures.

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