Here is Marla McCants after she managed to lose over 500 lbs on the show ‘My 600-lb Life’’

Marla McCants is one of the most famous contestants in ‘My 600-lb Life’. She was over 800 pounds then and her life was in great danger. So far she has managed to lose over 500 pounds and she looks incredible! It is very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle because it can take a long time to cook and unfortunately sometimes it can be too expensive.

Fast food may seem cheap and handy, but consumed regularly it only harms the body, sometimes irreparably.There are many people with amazing stories who show us that it is possible to change our lifestyle so that we have an optimal weight and be as healthy as possible. One such example is Marla McCants, who weighed over 800 pounds. Fortunately, with the help of Dr. Now, she managed to lose weight and become a healthier person.

Marla McCants’ condition was very serious and Dr. Now felt that she was one of the patients he could no longer help, but fortunately, Marla was determined to change her life, at least it seemed so.

Marla was one of Dr. Now’s most difficult patients because at first, after gastric bypass surgery, things got complicated. Marla spent a lot of time in the hospital and it seemed that she could not or did not want to cooperate in order to recover as soon as possible and to start the journey towards her new life.

Dr. Now said there were patients who failed to maintain their weight after surgery. He also said that he is interested in each patient to make him aware that it is necessary to change and that his work so far should not be in vain.

Although Marla was discharged and it looked like nothing would happen next, her daughter Sierra made her change her mind. Marla called Dr. Now and begged him to give her another chance. After a while Marla weighed 534 pounds and had a skin removal surgery. However, she still had not lost enough weight because she did not follow the diet and did not do sports. One year after her bypass surgery, Marla is still not able to stand up.

Marla said that she missed eating fried chicken and had a lot of appetite. Sierra continued to help her with everything she needed, but her daughter wanted her to live her life and her mother to be no longer dependent on her.

In a Youtube interview with Rickey Smiley, Marla claimed that the production of the show used the images in a wrong way and did not present the truth. She said the production used the images from a month after surgery, claiming that it had actually been 1 year since surgery.

From then until now, Marla’s life has changed completely. In 2019, Marla appeared on the Sister Circle, where she revealed that she managed to lose 580 pounds and never wants to reach the weight she had before. Marla also encourages everyone to try to overcome their food addiction because anything is possible and their lives would definitely change for the better.


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