He drives a truck for hours after learning that hundreds of wild animals are struggling to survive

A man has made an incredible gesture of compassion by driving a truck for hours on end to save the lives of hundreds of animals in grave danger.

One of the most important visitors to Tsavo West National Park is Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, better known as “the water man”.

This kind soul drives a truck for hours to transport approximately 3,000 gallons of fresh water

As soon as he arrives at the site, elephants, buffalos, antelopes and zebras rush to receive their water. They recognize the water man by the sound of his truck engine announcing his arrival.

“There is no water here, so the animals are dependent on humans,” Patrick said.

The drama that these animals are experiencing has not left Patrick indifferent, who is betting everything to save them.

Patrick fills the natural wells that are completely dry in the region with water.

In addition to needing to be filled, they often need maintenance, as the buffalo wallow in them to rid themselves of fleas and ticks.

Many animals, completely thirsty, can’t wait for the water to reach the well and run to Patrick’s truck as soon as they hear it arrive.

“Last night I found 500 buffaloes waiting at the waterhole. When I arrived they could smell it. The buffaloes came towards us and started drinking water while I was standing there. They were very excited.”

Your work is truly priceless.


Patrick is a local farmer who had the idea of ​​bringing water to the wildlife, given the conditions in his native land.Since last year, many of the animals were dying of thirst.

With his truck, this humble man brings the vital liquid to those who need it most

“It doesn’t rain like it used to. It hasn’t rained since June last year, so I started giving the animals water because I know that if I don’t, they will die,” Patrick lamented.

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This man also has a conservation project called Tsavo Volunteers.

He visits local schools to educate children about wildlife and their legacy.

“I was born here surrounded by wildlife and I am very passionate about it. I decided to help raise awareness, so that when these children grow up, they will protect everything around us.”

Last year he rented the truck and delivered water to several locations in Tsavo West.

“The truck is heavy and doesn’t go very fast. You have to be patient and deliver the water,” he said.

His kind work has reached the ears of many people around the world, and has even spread to the United States, where three women who do not know Patrick personally are helping him stay afloat.

When Angie Brown heard about the current drought in Kenya, she connected with Cher Callaway and Tami Calliope on Facebook.

The three decided to collaborate. Callaway had already worked with Patrick several times remotely.

“His commitment to wildlife and his legacy is immense.”

Callaway has set up a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $450,000 from people around the world.

All proceeds go to the water delivery service led by Patrick Mwalua.

It is hoped that he will soon be able to purchase his own truck.

Patrick deserves a new truck and much more, the work he is doing is truly admirable. He is a silent hero who cares for animals in the wild who suffer every day from climate change, drought and other threats that surround them.

Unfortunately, humans have contributed greatly to the deterioration of their habitats. Fortunately, there are also angels like him who restore our faith in humanity.

Would you like to help with this wonderful work? There is a GoFundMe campaign to support this initiative that brings so many benefits to our planet and changes the fate of many animals fighting for their lives.

Human beings are harming many species and it is time to act before it is too late to reverse the damage. This humble man deserves all our admiration and recognition.

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