He couldn’t choose just one and married the triplets… See how the three identical wives of the lucky man look

This guy from Calais is 32 years old, and until recently, he couldn’t have imagined that his life would be discussed all over the world. The thing is, Luviso accidentally stumbled upon a photo of Natalie online. Since he immediately liked the girl, he decided to ask her out on a date. During the conversation, Natalie talked about her family and also invited him to meet her relatives.

When the guy saw Natalie’s sisters, he was shocked to see three completely identical girls. It turned out that Luviso’s chosen one was one of the triplets. But imagine the young man’s surprise when the sisters offered him to marry all of them.

Casanova admits that he was confused because he had only planned to marry Natalie.

But after thinking about it for a while, he realized that the idea wasn’t that bad.

“He managed to fall in love with all of us,” Natalie says.

By the way, the guy’s parents were strongly against his decision. In protest, they refused to attend the wedding of their only son.

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