“He can afford it. Envy silently.” A 70-year-old actor married a young woman many times younger than himself

A well-known actor, despite being 70 years old, has no intention of giving up his position. Hulk Hogan recently married a beauty who is only 45 years old. And although loyal fans were happy for the man, there were still those who criticized this union.

It is worth noting that this is already the third marriage for the actor.

According to most people, a 25-year age difference between spouses can be an obstacle to family happiness, but in reality, there are many cases proving otherwise.

“Grandpa knows what he wants from life”, “Wow”, “Women choose established men, not young unemployed ones”, “With the one you love, paradise is not a hut, paradise is in travels, good conditions… Good for the girl”,

“Why shouldn’t he get married if he can”, “He’s 70 but doesn’t look it, maximum 50”, “Love knows no boundaries”,

“He’s so cool, deserves happiness”, “Not everyone is as lucky as him, what a beauty he got”, “Gorgeous couple”,

“What did she see in this old man?”, they write on the internet.

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