From the outside it looks like just an old rusty cargo container, but once you look inside…

Housing from old containers is a great opportunity to reuse something that would otherwise be thrown away.

Below are some of the most amazing container homes.

1. This Savannah, Georgia home was designed by the Price Street Projects team.

Light, modest and modern… But the most interesting thing is that it is all made from containers!

It’s hard to believe that such a luxurious house was built from some old container.
But despite this, these houses allow you to reuse containers instead of throwing them away.

The house has an area of ​​80 square meters and consists of a bedroom, a bathroom, and a spacious, bright kitchen.

2. This modern house in Redondo Beach (USA) was also built from containers.

It looks like an ordinary house, but it is much more creative than the others.

You can even fold one of the walls up and enjoy nature.

This home is located in a tranquil location on the Los Angeles shore.
Inside it are four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and even a spacious living room with a fireplace.

3. This cozy hut is located in the Canadian province of Quebec.

Architect Bernard Morin needed seven containers to create the symmetrical work of art.
Inside there are four bedrooms, and the entire house has a total area of ​​320 square meters.

4. And this house in El Tiemblo (Spain) consists of four containers.

The house was designed by James & Mau Arquitectura and built by Infiniski.

It took six months and 140,000 euros to build this house with an area of ​​220 square meters.

5. This house in the Mojave Desert is absolutely gorgeous.

Containers give the ceiling a special “industrial” charm.

6. This home in Flagstaff, Arizona, is built from six containers.

It has concrete floors and walnut inlays.

It’s amazing how roomy everything seems!

Such modern equipment in a simple corrugated metal box is initially difficult to imagine.

And the rooftop terrace tops it all off! Who would have thought that all this could be made from such simple materials?!

This fashion keeps pace with ecological architecture. Projects like this are a great example of
how creativity can turn something completely ordinary into something great.

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