From a 32 m² “concrete box”, they created a two-bedroom European-style apartment with an unusual layout.

The owner of a 32 square meter apartment dreamed of renovating. She wanted to have a separate bedroom, a kitchen-living room, a dressing room and a bathroom with a combined toilet. For this reason, the layout of her apartment had to be as functional as possible. The renovators used every available millimeter of space.To refresh the interior, live plants were added to the room.

A small dining room was organized in the kitchen. The furniture was placed very conveniently due to the unusual arrangement of the space.

The kitchen is decorated with light and bright fronts. This helps fill the room with light.

The kitchen backsplash stands out vividly against the cream kitchen background.

The bedroom.This room has been designed to be as spacious and airy as possible. The dressing room is hidden behind a sliding mirror door of the built-in wardrobe.


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