Friends accidentally found a shoe-shaped structure

“We have entered a fairy tale”: while walking through the forest, some friends accidentally find a house shaped like a boot.The House of Shoes from the popular children’s song really exists

A team of explorers from the Abandoned Project UK have discovered a new landmark in the British countryside.The team discovered a house shaped like a giant boot located in the British woods. The team kept the location secret for fear of vandalism.


The origin of the children’s song “There was an old woman who lived in a shoe” dates back to 1794, but its author remains anonymous. The nursery rhyme features a mother and her twelve children who live in a shoe. The rhyme was later rephrased for inclusion in The Christian Mother Goose Book (1978).

It is worth mentioning that the last verse of a children’s song was changed. While the earlier version showed the mother admonishing her children with physical force before going to sleep, a later version appeared in 1978, in which the mother said goodnight to her children while she showed them affection. This suggests a positive evolution in parenting practices.

Unfortunately, the building was discovered in an advanced state of disrepair. While the exterior façade of the structure appears to have functioned relatively well, the wooden roof and interior are dangerous to hikers. The explorers posted an image on their Facebook page and asked Internet users for help in discovering the history of the building.

It is interesting to note that subscribers expressed divergent opinions. Some claimed that a woman had lived in the shoe house in the 1950s, while others argued that it was simply part of a children’s amusement park. According to the researchers’ conclusions, both stories were correct.Based on limited evidence, the team confirmed that a woman lived there in the mid-20th century and that her house was part of an amusement park in the 1970s and 1980s. Currently, the Fairy House requires major restoration due to the dense growth of moss and vegetation. This house illustrates the saying that nature wins in the end.

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