Fox News Host Leads Prayer on Air: A Surprising and Inspiring Moment

In a refreshing move, Fox News host Pete Hegseth recently took a bold step on his show “Fox & Friends” by leading a prayer during a sponsored segment featuring a Bible app. This unexpected display of faith on-air has sparked a conversation among viewers, with some expressing skepticism and others appreciating the hosts’ willingness to take a moment for prayer.

Hegseth, known for his warm and friendly demeanor, began the segment by lightening the atmosphere and bringing a smile to his co-hosts’ faces. With a touch of humor, he set the stage for what was about to happen. “We have more ‘Fox & Friends’ coming up, but you know what, this is a transition for transitions if you’ve ever had one,” he said, prompting laughter from his colleagues. Rachel Campos-Duffy chimed in playfully, and Hegseth humorously agreed, “This is very ‘Fox & Friends,’ so ready your heart.”


“It’s the 5th Sunday of Lent, and our prayer series continues with the reading of prayer from the Hallow app,” Hegseth continued. “We all need it, let’s do it this morning, close your eyes — if you would, bow your head.”With respectful bows of their heads, Hegseth’s co-hosts, Campos-Duffy and Will Cain, joined him in prayer. On-screen, Hegseth led the prayer by reading from the Hallow app. He earnestly prayed, “Jesus, today we begin the holy period of passion tide. In these last 2 weeks of Lent, help us understand the mystery of your sacrifice and surrender, make us keenly aware of your love for us. We ask that you make yourself known to us, help us to feel the grace of your presence.”Expressing gratitude to Christ for his selfless love shown on the cross, Hegseth concluded the prayer and thanked the Hallow app for partnering with the show during Lent. Campos-Duffy affirmed the prayer with a heartfelt “Amen.”

This is not the first time that Fox News hosts have openly shared their faith on-air. In a previous segment featuring Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson, host Kayleigh McEnany expressed her belief that he thinks God is leading the way. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt added, “To everyone out there, pray for him as our speaker. Our country really needs some guidance from God right now.”While the freedom to practice religion is universally acknowledged, this on-air prayer may have offended some individuals. However, many others saw it as a positive initiative, appreciating the hosts’ willingness to take a moment amidst a busy broadcast for a moment of prayer.What are your thoughts on hosts leading prayer on air? We would love to hear your perspective in the comments below. Share this article with others to keep the conversation going on this topic!

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