For the birth of his daughter, the husband renovated the 43 m2 apartment entirely on his own.

Transforming an apartment after several years of renting to different tenants is not an easy task. Renovations in such an apartment may seem like an insurmountable burden at first glance.

Appetite comes with eating

With the arrival of their little daughter, the young family decided to take this seriously. It was necessary for the girl to have a comfortable and safe apartment, as the previous environment did not favor her development so much as hindered it. Changes were needed. It was then that the head of the family made the decision to do the renovations himself.

The apartment is a one-room studio, with an area of ​​43 square meters. It is not very large, especially for a family with a child; in the future, the question of a second room will inevitably arise. However, for the first few years, it is an excellent option for independent living.

In the hallway, we laid the same floor, elegantly edged, and removed everything superfluous. We also placed a nice cupboard for belongings along the wall, so that we did not have to free up space in the room for it.

The master bedroom was meant for the whole family, so we had to figure out how to fit everything in.

The owners divided it into two parts: on one side there is a crib for the baby, a changing table and also a work area with a computer.

The former studio has been converted into modest apartments where one wants to return after a difficult day.

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