For her 95th birthday this woman was involved in a special moment to be cherished

For her 95th birthday, Nita Talley was involved in a special moment to be cherished.

In a touching video recorded on her birthday, Nita joins voices with her son, Gary Talley, and their close friend, Belinda Lee Leslie, for a heartfelt rendition of the classic “Tennessee Waltz.” This song, penned by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King in 1946 and famously performed by Patti Page, is brought to life anew through the harmonious blend of Nita, Gary, and Belinda’s vocals.

Gary Talley, Nita’s son, is no amateur either. He’s a respected guitarist and vocalist hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, who gained fame as a member of The Box Tops. Previously, Gary has shared the stage with icons like Jerry Butler and Hank Ballard, contributing his talents at Universal Studios in Memphis.

Gary’s journey continued in Atlanta in 1972, where he collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Pat Boone and Dobie Gray, showcasing the musical prowess he undoubtedly inherited from his mother, Nita Talley. Here’s a video where Gary and Nita perform “One Day At A Time” together, one of their many wholesome collaborations.

Born on August 17, 1947, in Memphis, Gary’s move to Nashville in 1981 marked a new chapter, working with country legends such as Willie Nelson and Tammy Wynette. His songwriting has been embraced by artists like Keith Whitley and The Box Tops.

His contribution to music was officially recognized when he was inducted into the Memphis Music Hall Of Fame on November 1, 2018, as a founding member of The Box Tops. Here’s another cover of him and his mother, called “His Hands In Mine.”

The passing of The Box Tops’ lead singer, Alex Chilton, in 2010 led to a hiatus for the band, including Gary, until 2016 when he and Bill Cunningham, the original bassist, decided to hit the road again. Gary’s YouTube channel, launched on March 1, 2010, has since garnered over 225,000 views, offering a window into his musical journey.

Here’s another clip features Gary, Nita, and Leslie delivering a charming cover of “Could I Have This Dance,” further showcasing their collective talent.

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