Father started hanging out with his three-month-old daughter when suddenly the little one began to sing along, as only children can

If there’s one thing that parents appreciate, it’s having good times with their children. Sure, there are going to be ups and downs but the good times are always going to outweigh the bad.

What we have for you here is more than just a father and daughter having a good time together, they are building both the relationship and memories that will last for a lifetime. It started when the father was hanging out with his 3-month-old daughter.

As he started singing a song, she started singing along in a way that only babies can. It’s absolutely precious and one of the most beautiful things you can possibly see on the Internet.

Of course, things get better when the father takes things to the next level and tells her that he loves her. She even says she loves him, and we can only imagine how much his heart is melting.

You don’t get to see moments like this very often on the Internet but we have the opportunity to share it with you here. Watch this video and tell me that you aren’t crying happy tears:

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