Elephant mom brings her baby to meet the people who saved her life

The newly made mother wanted her rescuers to meet her calf.

There is no doubt that pachyderms have an outstanding memory in the animal kingdom. As they have a behavior that leans towards coexistence and interaction in a pack, they often force their offspring to repeat their behavioral patterns.

This indisputable truth can be seen in the story of the life of Loijuk, an elephant who had difficult times and was cared for by the collaborators of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) in Kenya when she was only 5 months old and was orphaned.After Loijuk gained enough strength to return to the wild, the people at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) put her in touch with what could be her normal space.

During all this time, her bond with her human caregivers became very strong.

Every month he returns to visit them and be pampered by the workers at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT). What these workers did not know was that one day Loijuk was going to appear with his recent calf. Apparently she gave birth to her the night before. Lili was the name his human friends gave her.

«Benjamin was able to approach Lili (who snuggled into his legs), caressed her delicate newborn skin and breathed on her trunk, letting her know who he was through his scent. “Elephants have an incredible memory and sense of smell and our keepers often breathe on the trunks of orphans so they can recognize who they are,” said Brand Rob Robford, executive director of the SWT, referring to Benjamin Kyalo.

“Loijuk has remained close to the area around the unit, allowing our wardens to check on him. “Considering that September is the peak of the dry season in Tsavo, not the most favorable of conditions for a new baby, we are delighted that Loijuk has returned close to home so that we can help her supplement her diet when she visits,” he addedExecutive Director.

«Moments like these are transcendental. By saving the life of an orphaned elephant, we not only see that orphan prosper, but start a family. “Lili has a brighter future ahead of her than many elephants, and we look forward to seeing this little girl grow up in the wild,” the manager said.

Lili is the 31st calf born to orphaned female elephants that have been cared for by these professionals . News like this is a hope amid so many stories involving elephant populations around the world.

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