Dog barks desperately at passersby to save newborn he saw in landfill

Just seeing a dog in action is enough to remind us why they are the most intelligent, noble and loyal beings on the planet. They are also true heroes who protect those they love most above all else.

However, their protective instinct goes much further, also with those they see as vulnerable and in an effort to help, they do everything possible to get the attention of others to be part of the solution.A puppy barked desperately until he found help for an abandoned baby puppy.This is what happened in the mountains of Sibonga-Magcagong, near Cebu, in the Philippines, when a puppy found an abandoned baby in a landfill.

The little furry animal, knowing that he had to ask for help, ran to the nearest road to try to alert passers-by.

Luckily, Junrell Fuentes Revilla, a motorcyclist who was passing by, noticed that the dog was desperate to tell him something and decided to pay attention to him.

Junrell noticed that the little furry animal didn’t seem aggressive, but rather worried, so he decided to let the dog guide him.

To her surprise, she found a baby wrapped in a towel, so she took him in her arms and took him to the nearest hospital.

Shortly afterwards, the baby was placed in the care of the local Department of Child Protection. The motorcyclist reported the child’s abandonment to the police.

“The place where the baby was found is isolated as it is on top of the mountain,” said Gea Ybarita, a staff member of the rescue organization Hope for Strays.So far there is no information that would help to find the person responsible for such a ruthless act.According to a local media outlet, the baby still had the umbilical cord and placenta attached at the time of the discovery.The handsome hero who was able to raise the alarm is called Blacky.

The man said the dog never stopped barking until he got his attention, an action that ended up saving the defenseless baby’s life.The little dog became a local hero who surprised everyone with his intelligence and his infinite love, even for a newborn who needed his protection, which his own mother was not able to provide.Thanks to Blacky’s speed, the baby was found just in time and still in good health.

When the story of the heroic dog who seemed to be a stray went viral, volunteers raced into the mountains in hopes of finding him and rescuing him.But his surprise was enormous when he met a man who said that the dog was his and that his name was Blacky.

“He showed us the way to his house and to our surprise, Blacky was there with three other dogs. We have confirmed that he is not a stray at all. He had a family and was just helping out,” the rescuer said.The little furry one was rewarded and praised by many.

Hope for Strays rescuers were truly relieved that Blacky had a loving home, but it was clear the dog and his family still needed a lot of help.“Blacky’s owner said, ‘No matter how hard life is, even though I’m poor, I feed all my dogs and take good care of them,’” Ybarita said.

Fortunately, since then, Blacky and his family have received great support from the entire community, such as 10 kilos of food, bags of rice, and other supplies, which will undoubtedly improve their quality of life in the coming months.Hope for Strays said they decided to reward the family to return the favor for raising such a brave and friendly dog.

Although Blacky probably doesn’t even know it, he has changed the future for himself, his family, and saved a tiny life that was destined for certain death.There is no doubt that dogs are the best example of compassion and kindness. Without a doubt, they are earthly angels from whom we have much to learn.

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