Do not touch the door if there is a rubber band on it… Here’s what it means

When we come home, our home should always provide us with a sense of security, free from danger. It’s a safe place where we can rest after a long morning or afternoon. Many people feel safer at home, so it’s important to ensure that their home security is never compromised. If you find that the door handle has a rubber band on it, do not touch it.

Many people install surveillance cameras on their property to protect their privacy and security. When the knocks became louder, she got scared and preferred to wait for a while before going outside to see if anyone was still there. When it seemed to her that the person had left after a certain time, she went downstairs and opened the front door. There she saw a rubber band on the door handle.

She immediately called the police to report the incident but didn’t know what it meant. Upon their arrival, the police officers explained to her that other people in the neighborhood had also found rubber bands on their door handles. They explained the reason why thieves use this strange technique. When someone opens the door and removes the latch to open it, the rubber band stays in place. This allows thieves to easily break into the house. The owner cannot close and lock the door because the rubber band keeps the latch open.

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