Destined to Always Be Doll-Size: A look at little Thumbelina’s current life.

Many people are unaware of the symptoms of primary dwarfism caused by microcephalic osteodysplasia type II. In short, it is a complex form of dwarfism in which there is no further body growth. There is no other option in this circumstance.It is unfortunate that Abigail Lee was born with this type of genetic condition.The image at first glance seems typical: a child is sitting in a stroller, but in this case the stroller is a dollhouse toy.

Although Abigail is two years old, her weight of nine pounds is comparable to that of a newborn.The girl’s estimated height, according to doctors, is 23 inches. The child’s health is excellent. She is growing, eating and playing, but she is not gaining weight.Although there is currently no known treatment for this type of dwarfism, there is still hope that future scientific advances will be beneficial.

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