“Beauty at 134 cm”… The Life Story of the World’s Smallest Model

Meet Asta Yang, a beautiful girl from Hong Kong. The height of the lovely “thumbs up” is only 134 cm. Even when Asta went to school, she had to deal with the rudeness of her classmates. As we know, children and teenagers can often be cruel, and classmates would often make fun of Asta because of her short stature.

Over time, she began to avoid contact with other children and became withdrawn. As the years went by, Asta finished school and found a job, but she remained just as introverted. She felt protected from harsh words and negative attitudes.

However, one day she decided to change her lifestyle and her attitude towards the world. We don’t know what prompted her to do this. Perhaps it was Asta’s long-standing dream of cosplaying. She decided to bring it to life. Her cosplay photos gained great success on the Internet. Gradually, the girl managed to “break out of her shell,” became more open, and made many friends. Today, Asta Yang lives in the United States with her husband, who simply adores his delicate wife. Additionally, she also shares her love for cosplay.

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