Adriana Iliescu: A Remarkable Journey of Motherhood

Adriana Iliescu, a woman from Romania, made headlines across the globe when she became a mother at the age of 66. Despite facing criticism and doubt from others, Adriana’s happiness knew no bounds as she held her precious bundle of joy, Eliza, in her arms.Eliza’s arrival in 2005 quickly captured the world’s attention. Despite facing judgment for her advanced age, Adriana proved that there is no expiration date on pursuing your dreams and that anything is possible with support from your loved ones.Adriana’s story serves as an inspiration to those who have been told they are too old to do something. It is a resounding reminder that age is just a number, and you can achieve your goals at any stage of life.


When Eliza turned five in 2010, Adriana decided to address the harsh comments she had received. With confidence radiating from within, she declared that she still felt young and vibrant, dismissing other people’s opinions about her appearance.She reasoned that as long as she could keep up with women half her age in terms of health and vitality, she did not have to concern herself with the thoughts of others. Some individuals tried to make light of the situation by referring to Eliza as her “grandmother,” but having her daughter in her life only added to Adriana’s youthful spirit.

Adriana once again made headlines at the age of 71 when she expressed her desire for a second child. While many would consider this an inconceivable feat, advancements in modern medicine have turned this once-farfetched dream into a possibility. In fact, a 70-year-old woman in England has already begun undergoing fertility treatment.

Adriana’s daughter, Eliza, couldn’t be prouder of her mother’s ambition and views her parents’ advanced age as something ordinary. With Adriana’s healthy lifestyle choices, such as abstaining from smoking and drinking, Eliza can look forward to spending quality time with her mother for years to come, just as Adriana had with her own parents.

Adriana’s life took a significant turn in her youth when she tragically lost her child and spouse. Devoting her energy to her career, she eventually became a respected professor at a university in Bucharest. But it wasn’t until her late thirties that she decided to have a child, a decision that many of her friends and family deemed crazy at the time. However, with the assistance of Dr. Bogdan Marinescu, Adriana became pregnant with triplets through IVF.

Though two of the children sadly did not survive, Eliza was born healthy and strong. Now seventeen years old, she not only embodies her mother’s academic success but also excels as a diligent student.Adriana, filled with love and gratitude, wanted to have Eliza baptized as a child. However, she faced hostility from nuns who even went as far as claiming that Eliza was the result of dark forces. Undeterred, Adriana insisted that her daughter was a precious gift from God.

At eighty-three years old, Adriana continues to work part-time as a lecturer while also captivating young hearts as an author of children’s books. In the event of her passing, Adriana has made arrangements for Dr. Bogdan Marinescu to become Eliza’s legal guardian, a testament to their enduring partnership and commitment.Adriana Iliescu’s remarkable journey showcases the power of determination, love, and the belief that age should never be a barrier to achieving one’s dreams. Her story connects with people of all ages, reminding us that it’s never too late to embrace the joys of life and cherish our loved ones.

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