A Wheelchair Revolution: Empowering the Outdoorsy Spirit

Brad Soden, a dedicated husband, went above and beyond to create the perfect wheelchair for his beloved wife, Liz. After a life-altering accident three months before their wedding, Liz yearned to participate in family outings and camping trips.However, the limitations of a regular wheelchair thwarted her desires. Witnessing his wife’s tears of frustration, Brad was determined to make a significant change in their lives.

Without any formal training or a college degree, Brad, a plumber by profession, tirelessly devoted himself to the task. Years of trial and error ensued, but his love for Liz kept him motivated. Finally, after countless attempts, he achieved success. The result? A remarkable creation with treads reminiscent of a tank. This off-road capable, durable, and powerful wheelchair opened up a world of possibilities for Liz and those facing similar mobility challenges.

Brad’s ingenuity did not stop there. To ensure Liz experienced the utmost joy and freedom, he purchased a camper van equipped with a wheelchair lift. Now, Liz could revel in exhilarating adventures alongside her family, never feeling left out again. Brad’s ultimate goal was to bring tears of joy to Liz’s eyes–a feat he undoubtedly accomplished.
Although the Tankchair is currently not street-legal and is not covered by insurance due to its classification as a recreational vehicle, Brad’s generosity shines through. He plans to gift these life-changing wheelchairs to injured veterans, providing them with the independence and freedom they so deserve. Disabled soldiers have found solace in the Tankchair, relishing its ability to conquer challenging terrains and restore their autonomy.

In the spirit of adventure and inclusivity, Brad Soden has spearheaded a wheelchair revolution. His unwavering dedication and love for his wife have transformed the lives of many. With a growing waitlist for the Tankchair, this remarkable creation continues to empower individuals, enabling them to embrace the great outdoors with boundless enthusiasm.

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