A married couple of 62 years passed away within only 90 minutes of each other while holding hands until their last breath

How many people do you know who will remain attached to their partner until death? To be honest, it’s quite challenging to find love these days. In a fast-paced world, people often end up separating and hurting each other. It seems like we’re running out of time to be patient.

However, there is a lot to learn from the tragic love story of this elderly couple. This Texan couple, married for 62 years, reportedly passed away suddenly within less than an hour of each other while holding hands. Undoubtedly, an emotionally moving journey.

Texas residents Delma and Tom Ledbetter held hands as they took their last breaths in a hospital in 2017. This raises the question of why they chose to stay together until the very end. Tom’s granddaughter, Stephanie, seemed to have the answer.

She even stayed at the hospital with them until their passing. According to sources, she was keen on documenting their final moments together. While it would undoubtedly be a heart-wrenching image, tragedy can also be beautiful. Currently, the image of this elderly couple holding hands, who were together until the end, quickly went viral.

The majority of people who saw this image on social media tried to draw comparisons with “The Notebook.” While there are undoubtedly similarities between the novel and the marriage, there are also key differences. The Ledbetters’ story is based on a real-life incident.

It’s a part of reality, as opposed to “The Notebook,” which is just a book. Additionally, it was said that one of the couple’s daughters revealed how her parents became friends. Despite not dating for a very long time, their marriage remained strong. They were side by side until the very end, so it was meant to happen.

For over 62 years, the couple had shared a home. And a few days after Delma fell ill in 2017, Tom did as well. They were then placed together in the same room, which appears to be a truly touching event. They were also partners in death after sharing their life for 60 years. Currently, the couple is laid to rest at Texas’ Restwood Memorial Park.

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