A discarded chest of drawers, stumbled upon by a girl in the trash, underwent a remarkable transformation into a stylish furniture item

I’ve finally realized a long-held notion with the chest of drawers. I thought it would look fantastic on our porch, where it could hide the accumulating junk and go well with the shoe rack that was already being used for another reason.

I started refinishing the chest of drawers by using Fae and a metal sponge to remove the previous finish. I decided to paint the cabinet because the pine and plywood had minimal value and several of the drawers were gone. Although some people might not be in favor of painting wood, I think that every circumstance and the general design of the room should be taken into account.

Before applying paint, I first thoroughly cleaned the surface and smoothed out any irregularities in the wood. Since the inner shelves were composed of plywood, paint remaining from the shoe rack project was used to paint them.

I decided on a color for the outside named “Green Moss.” Despite being called acrylic enamel, the paint behaved more like alkyd paint; it was thick and odorless and required only two coats to provide great coverage. I used thin nails to fix a hardwood skirting board that was joined with liquid nails to hide the poor connection at the top of the dresser. I then used wood putty to seal the seam.

I planned to make doors from of molding I got from the market, glue, corners, and a stapler to replace the lost drawers. Unfortunately, the wood I purchased in August had dried out and produced some warping in the doors, which interfered with my plans.

I decided to paint a metal mesh that I discovered in the country in a gold color for the door fronts. I bent the edges of the mesh before using a stapler to attach it to the door frame.

Lastly, I used some old brass hinges and knobs that I had. The rejuvenated chest of drawers is presently operational!

With its updated appearance and features, it could find use outside of the veranda.

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