A desperate couple adopts triplets — Then the doctor talks to them about the new ultrasound

Sarah and Andy Justice tried for a long time to start a family. However, fate had other plans.

The couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma, exhausted all options. They tried to have a child for three years before deciding to adopt.

Sarah and Andy were quickly matched with a biological mother, and they accompanied her for an ultrasound.

The results of the ultrasound surprised not only the specialists but also the biological mother and the Justices. The expectant mother was carrying triplets.

The birth of Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth went smoothly a few months later. Sarah and Andy, who had just become parents, received another incredible piece of news a week later.

The childless couple was suddenly going to have a large family…

Sarah and Andy Justice couldn’t be happier.

After years of trying to conceive, they had resigned themselves to the idea that at best, they might adopt one or two children.

In 2014, they were thrilled to agree to adopt the triplets of a pregnant woman.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, born prematurely, had a challenging start to life.

However, the couple was delighted to welcome them into their lives.

And a week after Sarah and her husband welcomed their trio of infants, she received extraordinary news from her obstetrician-gynecologist…

After the birth of her triplets, Sarah consulted her doctor, who delivered astonishing news.

Sarah herself was pregnant, and not with just one baby, but two!

After years of unsuccessful attempts, she and her husband now had three children and were expecting twins.

Eight months later, Abigail and Andrew were born, making the household even livelier than before.

However, the Justice family’s adventure was far from over. Sarah miraculously became pregnant again, this time with a healthy baby boy.

Only two short years had passed since the couple was childless when Caleb was born.

It’s proof that one should never give up on their goals.

For the simple reason that life often takes unexpected detours that lead straight to your biggest dreams. In this example, to an incredibly large and loving family.

The unusual circumstances of this family’s ascent to fame naturally created a buzz. In 2014, the Justices were on the TODAY show and discussed their chaotic daily routine.

Andy, the father, stated that his family regularly used 300 diapers every week.

“As soon as you change one diaper, it’s time to start over.”

The couple has no regrets despite their efforts and struggles.

“We just love having these kids,” Sarah said.

The children are happy and healthy, and the pictures show that they are growing up quickly.

Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, who are triplets, recently celebrated their sixth birthdays.

Considering their family today, they are as grateful and optimistic as they have always been.

I pray that their story and their love for their children continue to inspire tens of thousands of people.

What a miraculous event! I pray that God continues to shower His blessings upon the Justices and their families.

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