A boy walking through the woods finds an old abandoned car and notices an old box with an envelope inside.

A boy walking through the woods finds an old abandoned car, and what he discovers inside leaves him in shock…

The Jones family has been going on hikes for as long as they can remember. The kids enjoy the quiet, relaxing feeling that nature gives them, so they are frequent visitors to the woods around them. One day, they took a hike to a place over a hundred miles from their town. The day promised to be a good one, but what they didn’t know was that a sudden discovery would make it the best one in years.

The family set up their makeshift camp, and young Justin decided to take a walk to look for mushrooms. Suddenly, he saw an abandoned car in the middle of the forest. He started yelling “Mom! “Dad!”, but they couldn’t hear him. As it got dark, Justin decided to get into the abandoned car and spend the night there, but at that moment he heard his father calling his name. Justin was relieved and happy to show his father his old car.

After inspecting the vehicle, they discovered a box inside with recorded instructions. «If you find this box, please bring it to the address below. – May 7, 1995. Vincent Davis. » Curious to discover what was inside, they took a quick look and the discovery left them amazed. In the box they found war medals, some jewelry and gold bars.

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