A 70-year-old Mexican man lives under a rock in the middle of the desert.

Life took a dizzying turn. School, then a great love for Santa Marta, with whom he later had seven children. She shared her idea with him. The woman did not laugh, but on the contrary, she became excited about the idea of ​​moving to the desert. Well, half the job is done.

Then, they began construction. Thanks to its location, the house didn’t need air conditioning: it always felt comfortable, no matter the time of day or the season. They also didn’t install electricity there, but fortunately, they quickly established a sanitation system.

The accommodation under the rock became a local attraction. The family made money by attracting tourists to their home. In addition to that, the father of the family showed cave paintings to have an additional income.Despite the modest income, he hopes that in time he will be able to build a space for tourists on the neighboring rock, located right in front of his shelter. Thus, he will be able to improve his financial situation.

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