“Why did she let herself go like that? She’s only 49 years old.” Kate Moss shocked the internet with her appearance

Once one of the most popular and sought-after models, Kate Moss looks completely different now compared to the 2000s. There’s not a trace left of her former beauty. Recent photos of the former model caused a sensation on the internet. People were amazed at how much the star has changed.

Now, it’s hard to recognize the woman with a face covered in wrinkles as the same fair-haired and graceful Kate.

Fans expressed their dismay, questioning how someone could neglect themselves to such an extent, ruining their own beauty and charisma.

It’s evident that Moss didn’t expect to be met by paparazzi that day.

“This is what an unhealthy lifestyle does to people,” “Why be surprised? Smoking leads to nothing good,”

“She has aged,” “I never would have thought such a change was possible,” “She used to be perfect,” “You’re only 49, what are you doing to yourself?”

“Many ordinary women her age look much better,”

“She’s aged prematurely,” “She’s leading a destructive lifestyle, that’s the problem,” – comments on social media.

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