“No matter how youthful he may seem, the years make themselves known”… 83-year-old Al Pacino appeared with his 29-year-old lover in Hollywood

Recently, the 83-year-old “newly-minted” father Al Pacino appeared in Hollywood with his 29-year-old chosen one, who made the cinema star a father for the fourth time. By the way, to ensure the sincerity of the young companion’s feelings, Al Pacino even took a paternity test, which revealed that Roman is indeed the son of the Hollywood star.

Recently, a video appeared on the Internet showing Al Pacino confidently walking down the street and suddenly getting lost, as if forgetting where he was going. Fortunately, Al’s bodyguard quickly realized and reminded the actor of his plans. In the footage, you can also notice the celebrity’s young spouse.

As expected, fans of the celebrity immediately began to comment on what they saw. Many noted that Al Pacino plays the role of a lively young man, but his gait and posture betray his age. By the way, many do not believe in the sincerity of Nur’s feelings, noting that “the grandfather has a little time left to live, so he will live it up, and his young chosen one has secured herself for life.”

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