“More than just a woman, a goddess” – 60-year-old Moore without a bra outperformed her younger rivals

What does the number in your passport mean to you? Agree that regardless of biological age, one can look beautiful, youthful, and not lose interest in life. So forget all prejudices, finally buy the dress you’ve been eyeing for a long time but think that the age is not right anymore.

Demi Moore will give you a perfect example. The star, for a moment, is 60 years old. Hard to believe? Us too. Bold and confident, she waved away stereotypes.

Recently, she attended a star-studded event in a sheer dress and without a bra. Many online speculate whether she deliberately dressed like this or perhaps forgot some details? In the end, Moore simply shone.

“How chic… I wish I had such looks,” “Can you believe she’s over 40?”, “Dream to look like this at her age,” “She’s better than all… A stunning woman,” “The woman is just superb,” “Like a doll,”

“She’s just a miracle… Like a goddess,” “It’s so nice to see such women,”

“What a smart girl,” – write in the network.

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