Milo Ventimiglia Supports TV Son Niles Fitch at Graduation!

The bond between onscreen father and son extends beyond the screen for Milo Ventimiglia and Niles Fitch from the hit TV show “This Is Us.” Despite the show ending in 2022, Ventimiglia, 46, showed up to celebrate Fitch’s graduation from the University of Southern California on May 21. And he wasn’t alone! Hannah Zeile, who played Kate Pearson, also joined in the celebration.The trio captured a beautiful moment in a candid photo shared on Instagram Stories. Fitch looked proud in his graduation attire, Ventimiglia had a serious expression, while Zeile beamed at the camera.

Hannah Zeile also shared her excitement on Instagram, posting a photo of the group smiling with pride. Ventimiglia held Fitch’s diploma behind his back in a playful gesture. She captioned the post, “Congratulations @nilesfitch” along with a series of celebratory emojis, including a graduation cap, champagne bottle, crossed fingers, and a red heart.

“This Is Us” aired on NBC from September 2016 to May 2022, captivating audiences with its heartfelt portrayal of the Pearson family. The series revolved around siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall, and their parents Rebecca and Jack. With its multiple timelines and emotional storytelling, the show became a favorite among viewers of all ages.

Ventimiglia’s role as the loving and devoted TV dad, Jack Pearson, is not just an act. In an interview on ‘The View’ in February 2023, he revealed how his own father influenced his portrayal of the character. Born in the same era and both Vietnam veterans, Ventimiglia saw similarities between his father and Jack Pearson in the way they cared for their children.“To channel my dad’s caring and strong persona, I had a photo of my dad and me when I was a little kid in my trailer. It said, ‘Be a good husband, be a good father.’ I looked at that every day to get in the right mindset,” Ventimiglia shared.

For those who missed the opportunity to watch “This Is Us” while it was on air, the good news is that it is now available for streaming on Netflix. Don’t miss out on experiencing this touching family drama that has touched the hearts of so many.

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