Homeless boy approaches car to beg for alms, but when he looks inside, he fills up crying

Many rich people look at poor people with diffusion.

They assume that people who ask for money are either offended or thieves looking for whatever they have to offer.

But in reality, people living in poverty often demonstrate more compassion and empathy than those who lead comfortable lives.

An example of Squesto is a boy named John Thuo.

He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where, like many other poor children, he once begged for alms on the road. John, you spent your days on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, begging for money.

It’s something that bothers many motorists, because they assume that panhandlers are probabilistic thieves. However, John Thuo has proven that he is not just a thief, but he also has a golden heart.

One day, the boy was begging when he approached a professional money-seeking machine. But when he looked inside, John was struck by something unusual he saw.

The car’s belief was connected to pipes and breathed oxygen from a tank.

The woman’s name is Gladys Kamande. She is 32 years old and she explained to John that her lungs were collapsed, so she couldn’t breathe properly and she had to bring oxygen tanks with him to stay alive with him.

John was shocked to realize that despite his poverty, there are people in the world who are worse than him because they are not even healthy.

I ran until I cried, John offered Gladys all the money he had earned that day and held his hand out the window.

Kommst is John? Well, after all the attention received on social media, he was finally saved from the streets and adopted into a loving home.

The woman he adopted, Nissy Wambugu, also gave him the power to start studying! In the end, John’s kind gesture helped not only Gladys, but also gave her a mother and a home.

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And let them know that sometimes all Servieren Pro is a miracle is a little human kindness.

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