“Great dance and contortion movements from the show ADEM on America’s Got Talent.”

“In 2019, the show ADEM took the stage on America’s Got Talent, facing a monumental task. Simon Cowell was displeased. Even more so than usual. At the beginning of the video, it’s evident that Cowell was very unhappy with everything he had seen up to that point. One contestant who wasn’t chosen said, ‘When it’s not as good as what we’ve had before, I can’t be bothered.’ To someone, he said in a bored tone, ‘Too generic.’ You have to do something better than what others have done.”

“Here’s what the ADEM exhibition in Kyrgyzstan had to contend with. They needed to come up with something new and better than what the judges had seen before. This was a significant challenge as it was the 14th season of a long-running talent show. Cowell sighed and said, ‘It’s been a really weird day.’ Then the ADEM Show participants took the stage dressed in attire inspired by the video game Mortal Kombat. Cowell looked at them with wide eyes of surprise. The fact that they didn’t conform further intrigued the judge.”
“Instead of the usual interaction with the judges before the performance, the show started with the sound of electricity. At that moment, Cowell genuinely looked frightened, as if he had snapped out of boredom. The electric charges made the dance group tremble as if they were coming to life. As soon as the fast electronic music started, they began to dance like robots and in perfect synchronization, leaving Cowell’s counterpart, Julianne Hough, speechless.””After that, the group showcased their amazing, possibly even slightly intimidating contortion skills. Their arms were bent and twisted. Their heads moved in strange ways, creating the impression that they had been severed. Judge Gabrielle Union exclaimed, ‘Oh!’ with a look that was somewhere between shock and disgust. Then one of the dancers grabbed her legs and twisted their entire body. Next, the host Terry Crews screamed, and he had to look away in shock from what he saw.”

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