Grace VanderWaal, 12, proves that miracles can happen, thanks to her performance on America’s Got Talent that earned her the gold button.

Grace VanderWaal: A Miracle on America’s Got Talent
A Young Talent with a Ukulele
At just 12 years old, Grace VanderWaal, from the village of Suffern in New York, captivated the judges and the audience of America’s Got Talent with her ukulele and her song original «I Don’t Know My Name» (I Don’t Know My Name). Her performance showcased not only her musical talent, but also her unique songwriting style, setting her apart from previous contestants.

A Song from the Heart
Grace’s song, which she revealed was about her own journey of self-discovery, resonated with both the audience and the judges. Her expressive vocals and dynamic performance brought the emotion of her lyrics to life, earning her a standing ovation.

The Golden Moment
Judge Howie Mandel was particularly impressed, praising Grace for her originality and predicting that soon the world would know her name. In a moment that would change her life, Mandel pressed the golden button, sending Grace straight to the live shows and leaving her and her mother crying tears of joy.

Experience the magical moment Grace VanderWaal wins the gold button on America’s Got Talent with her moving performance of “I Don’t Know My Name”! Watch the video below and witness the beginning of a star’s journey.

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