Keanu Reeves shocked the audience by appearing before them in a new look with short hair

The famous Hollywood icon, Keanu Reeves, had surprised his fans with his new hairstyle. For many years, Reeves was with his long hair, where it started to feel like he was born this way, and had associated with his personality.

In the recent picture Sheryl Berkoff, Rob Lowe’s wife, shared from her social media account, where they took the picture from WME 2024 Oscar Party in Los Angeles, Keanu Reeves had appeared with his short hair, where the fans had shared their shock online.

“What did you do to your hair?” A fan asked after they saw the picture of Reeves with his shorter hair.

“He looks so much younger and fantastic,” “Hair cut, Finally.” “Why does Keanu look 35,” were some other comments.

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